This section has an abbreviated vita, a publication list, a description of my research philosophy including mentoring students, pictures and links to current and former students and collaborators, current and recent research projects, a copy of “Notes From the Blackboard” and some academic links.


My teaching activities are described here along with a syllabus for each course I’m currently teaching.

G. Grossman Fine Art

G. Grossman Fine Art has been in existence since 1989 and sells 19th and 20th century American and European art of listed artists as well as stone sculpture by yours truly. You can find American and European paintings here as well as prints/drawings by Frank Kleinholz, Jeremiah Donovan and other artists.

A Bone to Pick: Everyone’s Guide to Gourmet Venison Cookery

About ten years ago my gourmet venison cookbook was published by Elliot and Fitzpatrick Press and is described and available here.

My Life in Fish: One Scientist’s Journey

My new graphic novel–a fictional memoir.

Lyrical Years

My first book of poetry. 

Music and CD’s

My new CD of ecology/evolution/natural history songs with songs about speciation, natural selection, competition, schooling and foraging theory as well as songs about southern brook trout, red foxes, shrews, black rat snakes and northern cardinals is described and available here. Eventually I’ll put some links to youtube channels here too.