FISH/ECOL 8400 Advanced Fish Ecology (3 units)

Advanced Fish Ecology is taught in a single three hour session once weekly in Fall Semesters of even numbered years

Course Overview: The format of this course is varied including instructor (or guest) lectures, class discussions of current and classic papers in fish ecology and conservation, as well as ~ 1-1.5 hr student lectures (followed by discussion) based on the primary scientific literature. Each class session will consist of a lecture followed by discussion of current journal articles or of a chapter from the new book Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes by Steve Ross (your text). Our goal is to review and synthesize topics in fish ecology and conservation with the goal of teaching participants how research is conducted and providing a strong conceptual background linked to practice. Student lectures should review the origin, strengths and weaknesses of a chapter in Ross or with instructor approval, from a specialized area in fish ecology/conservation and, synthesize future research needs. Student lecture topics must be approved by the instructor with sufficient advance notice so that the student can provide a detailed topical outline and meet at least once with the instructor to discuss the structure and goals of the lecture prior to presentation. Grading is described below and this schedule may vary based on student numbers, student level, and schedules. By signing up for this course students agree to abide by all aspects of the University of Georgia Student Honor Code, which can be found at . Given that the course will meet once a week you are allowed one unexcused absence but additional absences will results in a loss of 25 points/absence at grade time. Deviations from this syllabus will occur at the discretion of the instructor and updates will be posted on ELC.

Grades: Grades will be based on a total of 300 points that will be awarded in the following manner: 1) class participation including attendance (125 points), 2) presentation of a lecturer on a class topic based on a chapter in Ross (175 points), 3) creation of a karaoke video (100 points)

Individual fitness, the niche, competition and resource use (niche theory, models resource use)
Habitat selection concepts and methods (Discussion Leader)
Dietary analyses concepts and methods (descriptive, experimental, Discussion Leader)
Population Regulation, Viability Analysis & Conservation Biology (Discussion Leader)
Assemblage organization, metacommunities (Discussion Leader)
Neutral models, functional aspects of biodiversity, keystone species, etc. (Discussion Leader)
Landscape ecology & fish (riverscapes, connectivity & fragmentation, Discussion Leader)
Ecological genetics (evo-eco) and conservation genetics (Discussion Leader)
Student lectures
Class summary