Former Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Past Students

Dan Erickson, MSc, 1984 (Research Technician, University of Miami)
Margi Flood, MSc, 1986 (Associate Professor, North Georgia College)
Joseph Hightower, PhD, 1984 (Retired, Assistant Coop. Unit Leader Fish., North Carolina State Univ)
Douglas Facey, PhD, 1987 (Co-chair) (Professor & Biology Department Chair, St. Michael’s College)
Jeffrey Barrett, PhD, 1989 ( Retired, Regional Manager, Hart Crowser Consulting)
Jennifer Hill, PhD, 1989 (Retired, Section Chief, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Mark Farr, ABD, 2004 (Research Biologist, Army Corp of Engineers, Vicksburg MS)
Jerry Freilich, PhD, 1990 (Co-chair) (Retired, Dir. Resource Management, Olympic National Park, WA)
Mary Freeman, PhD, 1990 (Research Fisheries Biologist, U. S. Geological Survey, Athens, GA)
Deanna Stouder, PhD, 1990 (Retired, Research Biologist U.S.D.Z. Forest Service)
Todd Petty, MSc, 1994, PhD, 1998 (Head, Dept. Forestry and Environmental Conservation, Clemson Univ.)
Andrew Thompson, MSc, 1998 (Research Biologist, Souhwest Fisheries Center NMFS)
Catherine Gibson, MSc, 1999 (Lecturer, Skidmore College)
Julie Little, MSc, 1999 (Instructor at Virginia Highlands Community College)
Kathleen McDaniel, MSc, 1999 (Partner, Burnette, Shutt and McDaniel Law Office)
Stacy Smith, MSc, 2002 (home worker)
Michael Wagner, PhD, 2004 (Assoc. Professor of Fisheries, Michigan State University)
Tibor Eros, PhD, 2005, Eötvös Loránd Univ. Budapest, (researcher, Lake Balaton lab, Hung. Acad. Sci.)
Richard Zamor, MSc, 2005 (Assistant Prof., Northwestern Oklahoma State Univ.)
Brent Henry, MSc, 2006 (employed in the biomedical industry)
Jessica Skyfield, MSc, 2006 (Stower Institute, Kansas City, KS)
Peter Hazelton, MSc, 2008 (Assist. Prof. University Georgia)
Duncan Elkins, PhD, 2010 (Lecturer, University Georgia)
Zach Anglin, MSc, 2012 (Brewer, Creature Comforts Brewery)
Clym Gatrell, MNR 2013 (unknown)
Joana Martelo, PhD 2014 (co-chair, University Lisbon, Portugal, Researcher Univ. Lisbon)
Erik Donofrio, MSc 2016 (research technician, University Georgia)
Kirill Chernoff, MNR 2017 (consultant, Jacobs Inc.)
Bryan Bozeman, MSc 2017, PhD 2022 
Jeff Cullen, MSc 2018 (PhD program, University Georgia)
Ridge Sliger, MSc 2020 (PhD program, Clemson University)
Kieran Merritt, MSc 2022

International Graduate Student Interns
Jose Santamarina, PhD student, Spain
Bård Steinar Giezendanner, Norway
David Hernandez, PhD student, Spain
Michaela Holubová, PhD student, Czech Republic